Student Reviews from Weekly Lessons

  • Amazing fun at Silver Star Saloon learning to line dance with Connie Jo! Excellent instruction and opportunity to practice while we learned the dance. As a newcomer it was easy to join right in. Appreciate the handouts too! Thank you CJ see y’all next week.  Catherine Rinne  August 2017  Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars 
  • My sister is the best country dance instructor around. I have tried for 20 plus years to learn from her how to teach and I will never be the instructor she is. If you want the best hire her for any of your events.  Vicki Mayberry  August 2017  Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars 
  • Thank you Connie for teaching me how to two-step!!   Bret Ervin Lien  August 2017  Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • I have a disability that Line Dancing helps keep me moving AND as we all get up in years, helps with memory. Connie is very conscientious to everyone’s abilities. She also has experienced dancers to help you if needed. For just $5, it is worth the fun. If she gets any more popular, she will need to start another class!    Stanley Manley  June 2017  Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • CJ is the best dance instructor. She is very Patient and understanding and takes time to make sure everyone is learning all the right steps. I look forward to Monday night dance class. Lori Dawson    June 2017    Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • I have taken 4 classes with CJs instruction and I haven’t struggled once, she teaches very slow and makes sure we are ready to move on! Love This!!   Shannon Martin Elmer   June 2017    Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • A little shy to step into it after a long illness and paralysis knowing I could fall over with some of those boot slapping moves, but I found country dance class with Connie therapeutic. I attended her classes for about two months to learn basic line dancing before a wedding and found Connie Jo to have an entertaining style. She’s playful and fun with a solid following of regulars. CJ covers beginner instruction, handicapped modifications, intermediate combinations and advanced action for those in the know… catch up with her and dance at either or both locations.  Monday’s @ Silver Star Saloon at 7 in Vancouver, WA    Some Thursday’s @ Ilani Casino, in Ridgefield.     Wen Wilson    May 2017     Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • I love Connie Jo’s lessons. I met her when my husband hired her to teach line dance for my 50th birthday party. I have been taking lessons ever since and love it. Once you learn it you will not forget it. She calls it muscle memory and it works. Not to mention she is very sweet and a lot of fun!   Dixie Archer May 2017
  • Patient and willing to teach. She’s the best teacher I’ve been to in the Vancouver/Portland area. Clear instructions with fun and witty humor. If you don’t enjoy to have a good time, this isn’t the class for you, for everyone else this class if a blast and I recommend it.  Tim Golden  April 2017
  • Connie is incredible!! She’s patient and makes sure you are picking up the dance if you’re struggling she’ll pull you aside and go over the part you struggle with! Other instructors don’t do that they rush through and teach their version; Connie teaches the original choreography. It’s a lot of fun and I look forward to it every week the group that comes along with it is amazing as well! Shannon Weaver April 2017
  • I have taken lessons elsewhere, and no one compares to Connie Jo. Her patience and skills as a teacher surpass all others. Every week we master a new dance and now when we go out to a country bar to dance, we actually know what to do!  Kathy Cooper April 2017
  • Connie Jo has been teaching me Line Dances since the 1990’s. She was one of my ORIGINAL LINE DANCE TEACHERS !!!! ……and I absolutely LOVE her. She has the patience of a true teacher who is interested in making sure that each and every one of her students feels like they can learn the dances she is teaching. She is always willing to help her students. She also asks for feedback from her students and incorporates ideas as workable. I highly recommend her !!!    Dixie McFadden April 2017
  • CJ is the greatest. Her positive attitude is so infectious that it rubs off on everyone present. Example: the more experienced dancers encourage us beginners to take places in the center of the dance floor so that, no matter which way we face, we will always have people in front of us who are dancing correctly. Another example: Tonight (4/17/17) the DJ for the activity that followed CJ’s line dancing class was having technical issues. So CJ took requests from those dance students who wanted to stick around and just kept playing music for us; our 1-hour class turned into a 2-hour class. She is all about making sure that we are having fun and learning new dances every week.  Gary Parnes April 2017
  • “Finally remember all those line dances.”    Since taking lessons from CJ I finally remember the steps. She truly can teach – not like many teachers who really can only dance. Breaking down the steps is her strong point along with teaching beginners in an orderly, nonjudgmental fashion. Everyone learns and remembers. Her assistant Vickie acts as her “eyes in the back of the line” and no one is left behind. Her advice in remembering the dance is to go through the routine before going to bed and once again when you awake. It works. Both Jollies in Ridgefield and the Spare Room in Portland, where CJ teaches, are safe friendly clubs and every week I look forward to learning another new dance. Come and see CJ and Vickie line dance together – you will never want to stop learning and dancing. Lucretia       Pros: Helpful, Encouraging, Patient, Fun, Good communicator  May 2011
  • “ This is a great time! Connie Jo is an excellent teacher. If you’re looking to learn and have a fun time then this is the place   ”  —lisa mihaly
  •  “Excellent!! Will definitely be returning to this group.  ”
  • “ Great people. ConnieJo and Vicki are terrific. Lots of fun!
  • “Fun Lessons & Ideal Setting For Practice    Whether brand new to Line Dance, or returning after several years, this is the perfect place! Connie Jo’s classes are a lot of fun, thanks to her fantastic instinctive teaching skills and patience (and obvious love for Country.) After the class, you might even want to stay for extra practice while they have Karaoke at the other end…it’s still early and the place is comfortable and friendly. Fun way to get exercise!   Pros:  Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator   June 03, 2010          Rosie Vancouver, WA
  • “Great exercise and a whole lot of fun  I was hesitant to go line dancing after many years of not dancing. I’m so glad to find Connie Jo teaching line dances. She is a wonderful, encouraging instructor with tons of patience. The way Connie Jo teaches makes line dancing fun, it keeps you active, and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable,  if you make a mistake, no worries, just pick it back up. I’ve been going regularly to dance classes now for about 4 months, and love it! I’m always looking forward to the next lesson. We learn a variety of old and new dances and I think it’s a bonus she spends a few minutes at the beginning of class reviewing the previous week’s lesson, which reinforces what was learned. The lessons are great for a beginner, or someone who has danced for years. I’d rate CJs Country Dance Instruction as 5 star!    June 13, 2010             Pros: Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator Joanie, Vancouver, Wa
  • Connie Jo is a wonderful teacher!  She knows the value of learning by repetition. She creates a comfortable atmosphere to learn in and it’s always fun. She teaches a new dance every week and reviews dances from previous weeks so we don’t forget. She challenges us, but always gives special attention to anyone who needs extra instruction. I enjoy her classes so much!  By Short Shorts  2009
  • It is so much fun to take dance lessons from Connie Jo. She’s an excellent teacher. I like how she breaks the dance into chunks, makes sure everyone knows the steps before proceeding on to the next part. Then she always gives a variety of music to practice the dance with. The next week we review previously learned dances, so it all doesn’t just dissipate into the wind. So to speak. We all have a great time and CJ makes everybody feel welcome!  By Dorrell BC 2009
  • Connie Jo is my Inspiration to dance. Not only has she been my best ever dance instructor, she taught me how to teach. I started my first lesson in 1992 and have never stopped. She is very professional and also the most conscientious person I know. Her goal is to make sure everyone learns the original choreography, and then she will teach additional variations, if she knows of any. Her 25 years of instruction and dance speaks for itself when she is on the floor or instructing. I have attended many seminars with her and have yet to meet anyone as thorough as her. I can’t imagine anyone finding a better teacher.  By Dance Fever 2008
  • My husband & I have been taking dance lessons from Connie Jo for over 10 years & have had tons of fun in the process. She can teach any age and any skill level. We’ve accompanied her teaching very large groups such as conventions and we get good participation where everyone has fun learning a new dance step or two.   Since I’ve known Connie Jo, she’s taught grade school students & groups of handicapped people as easily as a group of nurses & neurosurgeons!   She’s well known in the local community as a respected and talented dance teacher. What else can I say? She’s the Greatest!!!!  Vicki & Jon Pritchard  2008
  • Professional and Fun: I have taken lessons from Connie for years at Jubitz. Although she is an advanced dancer her teaching style is tailored for everyone. She teaches at a slower pace so everyone can keep up and offers extra attention to anyone having problems. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn country line dancing or to add something fun to any social event.  Tami  2006
  • Connie Jo Collins is an enthusiastic and gifted teacher.  She teaches dance in a way that allows each person to experience success. She manages to teach people at all levels of dancing and make sure that each student really “gets it” and has fun. Though her large, enthusiastic group ranges from beginner to seasoned dancer, Connie Jo manages to bring something for everyone. Most importantly, she builds a warm, positive social experience in her classes. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and encouraged by the whole group.”
  • Connie Jo’s love for dance, her enthusiasm in the class, her commitment to her craft, her genuine caring for each student, her patience with those who need the extra help, all combine to make each an incredibly enjoyable experience for each participant.
  •  Fabulous and superb   Connie Jo is by far the best beginner level instructor in the NW. She not only got me started in line dancing in the early 90’s, she has also taught me how to teach. I do OK but she is the best at always remembering all the little details, which is the very important part for beginners, and also some others who think they already know how to dance. She is a great friend, sister, and dance instructor. I hope I have the ability to teach as well as her some day. I help her with her private events and it is always great to see how surprised the people are to learn so easy. SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!    August 31, 2009 by Vicki Mayberry in Portland, OR
  •  What Fun        I had never done line dancing before. So I was very leery to start. Connie Jo made it easy and oh so fun. I also took my husband to the couples dance. Now he and I can go out and have a great time dancing and not just sit and listen to the music.   August 27, 2009 by Sally Bethje in Portland, OR
  •  Good Relaxed Fun with Friends          Connie always remember who I was and everyone I brought with me was so confused about why Connie knew me so well. They’d ask how long I’d been dancing with her and I’d say 1, 2, 3, months. It was line we we’re just one of the family we clicked so well.
  • I’d bring a group of 13 or just me and a Date.  Every time I felt like I learned something new. And she is always so willing to go back and review dances from the very first days. I could be more pleased with her as a dance teacher. So much fun. Can’t wait till my schedule opens back up so I can put it back on my schedule. Beside I need a brush up I had to work way too hard to remember how to do the steps at a wedding reception I went to.   A New Partner Every Week   August 26, 2009 by Scott in Gresham, OR


Review of CJ’s Country Dance Instruction – Event Clients

We appreciate you traveling down to Corvallis to teach our guests country line dancing.  History shows that the (family) take over the dance floor and intimidate others from participating.  Your encouragement for our guests to participate, and your instructions allowed more guests to feel comfortable. Everyone was kickin off their boots and letting loose. You helped us achieve the wedding we imagined.

S & C

Happy Newly Weds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I would like to thank you again for your wonderful support during our annual company party.  It was a bigger success than I could have ever imagined, I have to give you and your group a lot of the credit.  Country dancing is so structured that without you there showing us what to do it could have been a total disaster. I know without your help it wouldn’t have been as much fun, everyone has been raving about the party.  Thank you again for your positive attitude and your warm sense of humor.

Mary O’Connell, Field Support Coordinator

Stockamp & Associates, Inc

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A Rave Review:
“What a fabulous time we had last night! Thank you for recommending The Last Rodeo Band; all of the members did an exceptional performance for us. They had a great mix of country music that kept the dance moving and while Connie Jo was instructing, some were kind enough to fill in as partners.

 Connie Jo also did a remarkable job teaching our group. The majority of us had two left feet but she got us straightened out and sent us shuffling around the dance floor.

 Please extend my many thanks to the band and Connie Jo and company. I can’t adequately express how much fun everyone had at the party and of course it’s the topic of conversation this morning! Thank You.”
Lisa Greeley, Comptroller
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On behalf of all of us at Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Metropolitan Portland, thank you for once again providing your popular line dancing instruction at our September 11thfundraiser, Country Square.  It was the highlight of the evening.

Patti MacRae

Project Coordinator

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Connie,

Thank you so much for helping us with our Annual Winter Party.

I’ve heard a lot of positive response about the line dancing and everybody really enjoyed themselves!!  It looks like a lot of people are planning on taking line dance lessons in the future.

Debby Loundagin


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Connie Jo,

Thank you for teaching us how to dance.  We liked the dance you taughtus.  We were happy you spent time with us in our class to work with us.  We thank you for being at our performance. It really helped us remember what to do.

Your friends,

Ms. McKelvey’s 3rd Grade

Woodlawn School

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Connie Jo,

Thank you so much for coming to our anniversary party.  You did a great job and everyone had a great time line dancing.

Terry & Desi

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the past two years we have hired Connie Jo Collins to teach line dancing at our 24 Hour relay. She works willingly with any band we hire and went out on her own time to listen to the band we had hired for the event.  She is pleasant to work with, flexible to our events’ schedule and knowledgeable of what works for what type of crowds.

Our Relay is a unique event, in that people are there for 24-Hours participating in the Relay. When they aren’t running there are other activities going on and during the evening is when we have a western band and line dance instruction by Connie . It is the highlight of the event, everyone really looks forward to learning to dance and Connie  does a great job especially considering we had over 500 people crowded around to learn.  We have videos of the dancing and you can see that she taught them well.

We will be holding our third annual relay next September and will again be asking Connie to join us as our line dance instructor.  On behalf of Easter Seal Society of Oregon I highly recommend Connie Jo Collins as a dance instructor.

Jane Welch

Special Events Manager

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As a country music performer, I encounter dance instructors very often; at corporate events, festivals and nightclubs.  Occasionally I need to hire one to fulfill a contract for a show.  Of all that I have seen and worked with, my top choice is always Connie Jo Collins.

Connie gets my business because she delivers in all vital categories: competence, presentation and enthusiasm.  Her style of teaching is the best I’ve ever seen.  She has a way of involving the crowd that makes it fun, and everybody learns how to dance.

Connie is also the easiest to work with. When she is on the job, I can relax because I know that everything will be handled. She is a true professional, and a true teacher.

When people ask me for a recommendation for a dance instructor, I always tell them to do themselves a favor – contact Connie Jo Collins.  From my standpoint, it is the best move.

Jim Miller

Leader, All Night Cowboys

MegaTonk Productions

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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