Line Dancing

Camaraderie, Success and fun guaranteed!

What is line dancing?

Picture rows of people dancing a set choreography as an ensemble. The dance might be slow or fast, and it might have the look of country-western, Latin, or swing.  As we dance, we turn to face a different direction (New Wall), and the choreography begins again. There are thousands of different line dances, ranging from super simple to extraordinarily complex.

Since you dance on your own in an ensemble, line dancing is ideal for singles and for partners of non-dancers. It’s also wonderful for people who want a social activity that doesn’t involve dating or partnering.

Line dancing is great exercise for mind and body and an excellent way to stay fit no matter what your age

Line dancing burns 200 to 375 calories an hour, depending on how fast you dance and how much you travel the floor!

Line dancing originated in country-western bars, but now has evolved to offer a rich blend of music genre’s. From west coast swing to waltzes and cha cha’s, Hip hop and rock & roll to country western, too – the music and choreography are varied and range from simple to intricate and complicated. Line dancing is enjoyed internationally — England, for example, boasts one million regular line dancers.

Sometimes line dances are written for specific songs, other times they can be performed to a variety of songs.

There’s no need for a partner. Jump into that line! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never met the person dancing next to you. Line dancing provides a seamless social vehicle for people to combine the benefits of dancing with the making of new friends.


Line Dance is loved by all ages and is especially helpful for Seniors.

Line dance is more than just a social diversion. According to recent research, dancing provides the perfect blend of mental and physical exertion that helps to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Continual thought processes regarding steps combine with gentle exertion to keep a sharpness of mind and body.

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